"Caring for those who can't care for themselves is the reason we exist"

DeLisha Rowe-Tate, President Rejuvenating Concepts, Inc

Who We Are

About Us

Rejuvenating Concepts, Inc., started humbly as a small home health care agency, but as the need for people with disabilities became more apparent to us, we developed the procedures, staff, training, and process to help those who need help helping themselves.


We are always striving to improve the breadth and depth of our services to nurture the growth and confidence of our client, as well as comforting their loved ones to know they are becoming as independent as possible.


Every Chance we get we thank you and your staff for their patience, kindness, and care. 

What a gem you are Mrs. Tate. Everyone we meet seems to have  heard of you and Rejuvenating Concepts, especially in the Gentilly area



Long Term Care

This program will enable elderly and disabled individuals who require nursing home level of care to remain in their own homes. Assistance is provided up to 56 hours per week. An individual assessment will determine the client’s needs

Personal Care Attendants

This service is provided in the consumer’s home. Attendant services assist in the prevention of institutionalization of persons with developmental disabilities.

Independant Living

Supervised Independent Living provides assistance in the following areas: ​ Personal Care Attendant - Behavior Companion and Assistance with acquiring and maintaining Social Services and community entitlements.

Children's Choice

Clients serviced are children ages birth through 18 years with Developmental Disabilities who currently live at home or will be leaving an institution to return home and whose names are on the BCSS MR / DD Request for Services Registry. ​ Services Include: Personal Care Attendant, Environmental Accessibility, Family Support Family Training, etc

Contact: Rejuvenating Concepts

3920 Old Gentilly Road New Orleans, La 70126 Phone: (504) 942-7171 Fax: (504) 942-7174